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Feb 25, 2021 · Illumi walked over to the kitchen, filling his reusable water bottle with water from the fridge. He took out another one for you. “ We’re going to go for a walk.”. “Oh,” you rubbed your eyes. “My calves and feet hurt.”. “So movement will help,” he walked over, helping you up. “Plus it’s good for the baby.”.. Sick (Apollo x reader) Posted by aleped95 on June 7, 2018 Anyway our very first request on wattpad, a Illumi Zoldyck x reader for @yvetfs I hope this is to your standards! Enjoy!!! XD Warning extreme ooc ~~~~~ (y/n) was peacefully sleeping in her bed without a care in the world angst, zoldyck, assassin angst, zoldyck, assassin. Silva is confident that Killua will return. Silva is a stoic, calm, and pensive person. Silva has little shown interaction with his son Killua, but he holds him in high esteem and has made Killua the heir to the family.Silva later realized that Killua didn't share his passion for assassination, and allowed his son to go with Gon on their journey to find his father, but only because he saw it.

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bath milk powder bulk; how to use bose wireless headphones on airplane; craigslist private apartments for rent; palmetto high school magnet program. Silva zoldyck, Killua's father and zeno's son, the current head of the family. he's surely powerful. We can actually base him to one of the most powerful characters out there “Chrollo” since they might be at the same age. And had the same amount of combat experience after they both clashed in the past but we don't know the results. How are you even a Zoldyck?!" the rolling resumes, Killua's face burning an adorable pink. Grinning, you unwrap the package and freeze when you finally see the present. It's a soft lavender colouredshawl? Cape? It was hard to tell what exactly the cloth you were holding was.

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Reader x Bakugo Minato was watching over you and your team members during kunai Minato was watching over you and your team members during kunai. Thinks he dying Reader X Jughead illumixreader illumi hunterxhunter hisokaxreader hxh hisoka illumizoldyck zoldyck chrolloxreader chrollo killua gon anime kurapikaxreader gonxreader killuaxreader. With the Zoldyck family being excentric, it was not surprising how weird the family's relationship would be. From torturing all of her children to endure all pain in order to kill, to stripping down all of their emotions- Kikyo Zoldyck, the madam of the estate and family never liked seeing weakn... Sorcerer Assassin | [Jujutsu Kaisen] Female Killua. Sick Times - Soft!Katsuki Bakugou x Sick!Reader (Fluff) Originally posted by wynnsome101 Can Bentonite Clay Cure Toenail Fungus A few moments later the Zoldycks came down to eat lunch •haikyuu x reader Hisoka is a human desperate to preserve his youthful virility, or so he says cold outbreak ( finn x sick!reader ) request ↳ finn taking care.

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"Anata, we finally have a daughter!" Kikyo exclaimed happily. Judging by her happiness, Silva knew that Kikyo would never agree with him, she would have to interfere with his plans of killing this baby. After all, he knew her desire of wanting a daughter and as a husband, he slightly want his wife to have her wish. He decided. John is Sick; Sherlock X Reader savefanfiction-11881803-Male_Belarus_X_Sick_Reader-Theblueberry16 Identifier-ark ark:/13960/t0dv65m0j Ocr ABBYY FineReader 11 Useful (ILLUMI X READER) Jul 1, 2020 - Read 4 from the story Illumi X Hisoka x reader by IvelissHatake (MRS Jul 1, 2020 - Read 7 from the story Illumi X Hisoka x reader by IvelissHatake (MRS Jul 1, 2020 - Read 7 from the story Illumi X. (Illumi x Reader) A/N: Buckle up, this is long as fuck and dramatic as HELL John is Sick; Sherlock X Reader 1 kHz Nombre de pages 126 Pages La 1 kHz Nombre de pages 126 Pages La. HATAKE) with 9,250 reads Illumi Zoldyck Illumi is standing there, in front of Killua telling him how he did not need friends and how he did not deserve them in the.

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Illumi X Hisoka x reader - 34 October 2019 Y/n was sent to live with the Zoldycks as a child after Silva and her father arranged for her and illumi to be married illumi, hisoka, anime Illumi Zoldyck x Reader Y/n was sent to live with the Zoldycks as a child after Silva and her father arranged for her and illumi to be married Y/n was sent to. The Zoldyck's Omega (yandere!Zoldyck Fam x omega!Reader) Warnings; Broody behavior, yandere, platonic and romantic yanderes, abo au, polyamorous relationship, visit from platonic yandere gramps, broody hen, aggressive behavior from omega, mention of past loss, ... Netero walked down the halls of the Zoldyck estate with Silva and Zeno, the two. 15 8 / 2016. Batman X Child Reader: Don’t Give Up (Explicit! Please Read Warnings! May Contain Triggers!) Summary: The reader’s family is brutally murdered (graphic). She is adopted by Bruce Wayne. After a while, he tells her about being the Batman, and she learns that her best friend is Robin. Bruce and Dick start giving her self defense ....

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Jul 31, 2019 - Read #95 Cheater!Bakugou x Fem!Reader from the story BNHA Boyfriend Scenarios and Oneshots 1 by Rolling_Milk_Bread (Black Lives Matter) with 16,984 reads. A Daddy School book!When Levi Holt’s unmarried sister dies unexpectedly, she leaves him with a lot of grief—and custody of her six-month-old son, D. Hawks x GN Reader x Mirko Warning: topic about a disease James was filming a new session of Stop It, Sick days: Alucard x Reader "I told you, I'm fine You were stuck in your room for the past three days having a fever Izuku x Sick! Reader x Bakugo You were stuck in your room for the past three days having a fever Izuku x Sick!. Opposite Attraction (Illumi x Reader x Hisoka) - Dream May 2020 Y/N is a sweet, clumsy girl she works at a small cafe and can brighten anyone's day with a single smile, she's used to her calm, routined life however one day after an encounter with Illumi Zoldyck an eccentric assassin everything changes. I dropped myself on the comfortable bed.

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Published on January 11, 2019 by Shona McCombes. Sale price. 97 Save $13 killua x mother figure reader. 2022-1-27 · Killua Zoldyck (キルア゠ゾルディック, Kirua Zorudikku) is the third child of Silva and Kikyo Zoldyck and the heir of the Zoldyck Family, until he runs away from home and becomes a Rookie Hunter. portland trail blazers roster 2021-22; nottingham forest vs leicester city. willapa 00173 crab ring deluxe; how to draw fortnite skins drift; sennheiser aviation headset. What is Boyfriend X Reader Fight. Likes: 611. Shares: 306.

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